lali works hard for the money.


Speaking of doing weird things around the office, ask anyone who sits near us: lali dances.

The habit started late one night around our first or second week here, when la pumped the jams and li just couldn’t resist the urge. I believe the tune was Time Stands Still by Cut Copy (which, happily, turned into a spot the client pseudo-bought but then, sadly, killed a week later. Buyer’s remorse seems common among clients, we’ve noticed).

Anyhoo, we find dancing both therapeutic and contagious, especially while pulling all-nighters. Please enjoy this video of us working hard for the money at a recent mix session. Who thinks we deserve bonuses for our smooth moves?

xo, li



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7 responses to “lali works hard for the money.

  1. sarah

    lauren (aka la, lscribbly) i dance just like that when listening to that cut copy song and cleaning my room. we must be related!

  2. i just love you gals. and i especially love the dude who walks by in the background, as if nothing unusual is going on up in there…

  3. jdb

    Will I be invited to these dance parties starting May 19th??


  4. NTS

    Love Carrie sitting calmly in the background while waving an admonishing finger. Such an adult.

  5. la

    sarah, we must be related!!!!! based solely on the dancing and not the fact that we actually look alike so much so to the point that i put your face on a mood board and people scoffed because they thought i put myself on it. ha.

    and JDB, duh. only if maya goes on trips to the dog park with the poos.

  6. Nick

    I love you girls. I wish every day at an ad agency was like this.

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