lali fail!

Sitting in a creative department meeting with Rob and Patrick and when all eyes are on lali, lali giggles and rambles. Whoops! I really hope people know that beneath these silly billy exteriors, we’re smart and interesting!!

Maybe it’s because la had two beers (and now has to pee…)

Sorry peers! Please take us seriously!

xo, li



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3 responses to “lali fail!

  1. I think we said the words “lesbians,” “gang bangs,” and when asked to share something interesting about herself, li said “i’ve never met a capulet.” – (her last name is montague.)

    to which rob schwartz replied, that wasn’t a funny joke.

  2. Chase Madrid

    Gang bang was used more than once, and the Capulet joke was an epic fail

  3. Sad face! For the record it wasn’t a joke! It was a statement of fact. I always get Capulet comments. Kinda like how you probably always get Spain comments, Chase… li

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