Remain calm and submit ideas in an orderly fashion.

Something we’ve learned lately is the value of composure during a fire drill. When a creative director, client, ECD, Global CMO, or the like says they need ideas by end of day it’s best to relax your thinking muscles, accept this as normal, and start putting pen to paper. In our case, during a lali brainstorm, it’s li who literally puts pen to paper (she’s good at not even letting half-ideas go unnoted) while la checks her phone, grooms the dog, or hunts for the next red bull (she’s a good multi-tasker).

Some would say the pressure of a quick turnaround is what makes the ideas really start flowing. Others would say “Can we have a brief, or some time to research the topic at hand?” *Scoff* Brief? Time? This isn’t ad school. This is the real world and we need to sell some cars… stat!

One thing we can say for sure is don’t give li an entire bottle of sake and expect good ideas. A glass or two max should do the trick. Anything else is danger zone. On the other hand, a bottle is exactly the right amount of sake for la.


xo, li



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2 responses to “Remain calm and submit ideas in an orderly fashion.

  1. li: “I didn’t make it!”

    xo, la

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