Meet the lalidogs!


While Nissan figures out who the new boss is, we’ve been spending our brief break from automotive advertising by channeling our inner cat ladies. The last day or two has been devoted to concepting new media executions and PR stunts for Pedigree’s cat counterpart, Whiskas.

As you can see from the above photo, we’re actually dog girls. As a matter of fact, our cubicle is home to three lalidogs! Samson (lab/beagle), Tyler (chihuahua/daschund), and Penny (sugar/spice) make up the remaining 3/5 of lali. Whether they’re entertaining our coworkers with their arsenal of tricks (Samson), growling at every passing dog (Tyler), or walking across conference tables in serious meetings and taking a turn in each person’s lap (Penny), the workday wouldn’t be the same and lali wouldn’t be lali without our dogs.

Sometimes you have to sell things you don’t know as much about. I happen to have a cat who I love very much. Nathan Jr. is fat and orange, and can give you a high five on command. But neither of us is a cat person, per se. It’s been an interesting exercise trying to identify with an audience we are not a part of.

Makes you wonder how many tampon ads were thought up by guy creatives :)

xo, li


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  1. dogs rule. on a side not, men have no right to write about something they could not and will not ever understand. period.

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