“Film, not friends” only works with directors.

An astute Margaret Keene reminded lali after a particularly long day of director’s calls that we should always remember: “film, not friends.”

In a world of madmen, it’s something two ad girls should always remember. The vibe between directors and creative teams is always important, but at the end of the day, the world’s going to see the film, not the friendship, so when we pick who we want to work with, we gotta pick the film.

That said, in this relationship, we’re friends first. When you spend more time with your work partner than you do with your life partner (insert some lesbian joke about partners), you’ve gotta make time for friendship. So before lali can start concepting, we always air out our personal life, usually when getting some air. Getting out of the warehouse and into the sun can really get the conversation flowing about wedding invitations, boyfriend woes and who at the office we’d screw, marry or throw off a cliff. At some point, we’ll get back to coming up with killer ideas for cars, cats and dogs. The stairs behind the employee entrance at Chiat is a popular spot for us. When we’re not holed up in John Castle’s office or another secret place with couches I can’t reveal right now in case some other creative team discover it and snag it away from us, we’re here. La sits, li lies, we usually both have a cup of coffee, and we’re usually also talking about our lives.

Lali spoke yesterday at Chris DeNinno’s bookshop class, and one of the most important things we mentioned was the importance of finding a good partner. You know you love your partner when after a fourteen hour day, you pick up the phone on the drive home to call because you just couldn’t get enough.

xoxo to li, from la



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4 responses to ““Film, not friends” only works with directors.

  1. aww la, you’re just saying that because i took the notes during our maxima brainstorm today.

    but seriously, xoxo back to la because she is the best partner a girl could ask for :)

    can’t wait to resume stair-loitering on monday!


  2. Ami

    It was nice to meet you guys & the dogs at Chris’s class.

  3. you lovely ladies are so incredibly inspiring. don’t ever stop.

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