Oh, the glamor.

To be honest, I’ve only seen like 4 episodes of Madmen, but I assume the show makes the life of an advertising creative seem all cool and snazzy. Well, take a look at my desktop right now and judge for yourself. Comping chaos!


3:41am… PDF of 5 spots posted on server and sent to project manager for 10am CCO and 11am client meetings, so lali is off to bed. We’ll let you know if anything sells!

xo, li



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2 responses to “Oh, the glamor.

  1. Omeed

    they didn’t have computers in the Mad Men days so i wonder if they had a physical desk with that much on it. i heard in the old chiat building, they didn’t have set seating. you would just come to work, find a desk, and work. molly said it was the most annoying thing ever. we should try it.

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