lali learns the perks of being adgirls :)

So… advertising has lots of perks! Sometimes, if you work really hard, you get a free dinner. If you work really hard and get lucky, you sell a spot and then you get to work OOTO for days or even weeks. If you work really hard, get really lucky, AND play your cards right, you sell a spot and get to shoot in a fun location. I recently spent 4 days at the lovely Opus Hotel in Vancouver where, upon arrival, I received a personalized gift bag. Sweet! Working in advertising is JUST awesome.

On a recent focus-group testing trip to Chicago, I (in between hearing people’s opinions about our spot) ate Chicago-style pizza the first night, followed by Chicago-style hot dogs for lunch, followed by Chicago-style pizza the second night… Chicago-style YUM! Thanks advertising.

But we have to say, not everyone in advertising is as lucky as we are. Working at Chiat has perks all its own. We’ve noticed that people here really look out for each other, and bosses care about their teams’ happiness and sanity…how novel! Plus, we have an indoor basketball court, an indoor park, and our very own in-house ad guru. And, of course, one of our favorite Chiat perks: dogs in the office!

ok back to work.
xo, li


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