A Photo Essay on Concepting Remotely

As I wrote close to thirty Pedigree scripts last night and we have a big Nissan meeting tomorrow I still have to do writeups for, my writing for this post will be in photos. As li is in another time zone, trying to be a bridezilla but still managing to be my art director as well, we’ve spent some time video chatting. It was extremely productive, as proven by these photos of us diligently working.

The last one’s really just disgruntled. But, go lali! Let’s not let time constraints or time zones bring us down!

Back to work for me, although it’s just not as fun without my partner.

Miss you, <3 you, xo you, li.
love, la.

P.S. The third photo down represents the google image search for lali, a coincidental but strangely appropriate metaphor for our partnership.



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10 responses to “A Photo Essay on Concepting Remotely

  1. jdb

    Oooooh this was the most precious post ever. I am also currently still working. Except my partner is my puppy and when we got home she jumped straight on to our bed and under the covers! lucky dog…

    Lyndsey – hope all the festivies are going great! I’m sure you are looking beautiful in your yellow dress!

  2. jdb

    Crap I’m sorry for spelling your name wrong! I am texting Lyndsey but posting on Lindsey’s blog!

  3. jdb

    So not working as much as I made out to be in my first comment.

    • Working about as much as me apparently. At least I’m on my work computer and have at least seven word documents open.

      • jdb

        Hey! I’m on my work computer and have 3 Indesign files open and a bunch of PDFs. When I left Chiat today at like 10-ish, the lighting inside was exactly the same as it is at any other part of the day. Scary.
        Like how a Vegas casino doesn’t have windows so you lose track of time. But somehow, I didn’t really mind…

  4. Chase Madrid


  5. The funness of these video chat moments must be the reason for the sadness of the last picture (a.k.a. no good ideas to present at impending meeting…)

    xoxoxox to la, from li, from Maryland
    Good luck today!!

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