working from bed

Since my partner’s off doing things more important than working (wait, there’s something more important than working?) – like half-getting-married – I had the privilege of not only working from home today, but working from bed. Thank goodness for work laptops.

I am writing scripts about dogs and getting delirious. Good thing Winston is sleeping over, as he’s more insight into the minds of dogs today. I happen to be writing about dog joints at the moment, and literally wrote down: “The food in my glucosamine” instead of “the glucosamine in my food.” At least I spelled glucosamine correctly!

Here’s Winston: (and Noah, who gets to sleep now while I work)

And here’s one of my favorite Pedigree spots: (If only I could write one that good right about now. Which then begs the question, why am I blogging instead of Pedigreeing?)

xo, la

P.S. li and I are video chatting tomorrow morning re: Nissan so she’s not actually doing things more important than working, she’s still working!
P.P.S. li, I miss you! xo again, la.


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  1. Roper

    Are you really posting pictures of me on your blog? Didn’t you learn your lesson from the flickr post tagged with “beasteality?”

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