Advertising is not for the punctual.

La and I were just discussing how advertising never seems to obey the laws of time. This morning, a 10am meeting happened at 1:30. Whereas last Tuesday, a meeting got moved from “tomorrow afternoon” to “right now.” Time, in this industry, is more like a house of cards than a linear march. So many variables, so many disparate responsibilities, so many personalities. The funniest part is we enable each other to show up late or break commitments. It’s a given. We all get it.

Having never worked in any other industry (unless you count babysitting, temping, or working as a barista in an organic bistro in Los Feliz) I have no idea if our topsy-turvy world is the exception or the rule. I’d like to think the rest of the world uses those handy things called calendars, which are really more of a suggestion to advertising types.

For lali, 7 minutes late is on time. 15 minutes late requires an apology. Anything beyond that and it’s a good idea to have a cover story.

xo, li


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