why is li sad?

a) it’s 11:23 on a friday and she is still at the office.

b) her friends went to see SATC, and even though they pushed it from 9:45 to 10:30, she still couldn’t make it in time.

c) she is suffering from la withdrawal.

d) all of the above.



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3 responses to “why is li sad?

  1. Chase Madrid

    and La went to LCD Soundsystem with me, why so late on a Friday?

  2. La

    The answer was too obvious!!! xoxoxxoxo

  3. I tried to comment when I got home from the show but apparently my stupid phone failed me! Maybe it’s because I have a cracked screen.

    Anyways, I missed you. d) all of the above.

    Even though that looks like a terrible movie, I’ll go see it with you since you missed it just because you’re such a great partner!

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