A chair for lali

Lali is back together again!

Thank goodness. Because when li came back last week, she got so many comments about how people were glad she was back because I wasn’t myself while she was gone. Apparently I spent a week moping around and lamenting my missing partner. I guess I blogged about it too.

Which apparently inspires others. My old coworker and dear friend, Hobart, who apparently reads laliadverts.wordpress.com on the sly, sent this email:

Just something stumbled upon while on an image search that I thought might
lessen the separation anxiety you two seem to get when away from each other.
This would ensure you guys are right next to each other throughout the day

re: this chair

Apparently all our posts about separation anxiety linger in people’s minds so much that while they are image searching for random comping on a lonely Sunday at the office and they come across strange pictures of connected chairs, we come to mind! Hobart! Admit you read our blog! Now that we’ve posted about it, you can’t deny it any more! Maybe you’ll finally comment…

xoxo hobart,
written by la
but with love from la and li



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5 responses to “A chair for lali

  1. i adore lali’s co-dependent relationship. i wish i could work with my best friend every day.

  2. Allyson

    i wish i had a friend named ‘hobart’.

  3. hobart

    Allyson we can be friends.

  4. Allyson

    hobart, if we become best friends can we work together every day too?

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