So… in between shoe shopping at lunch (see la’s new TOMS / see li’s new TOMS) and trying on each other’s lipstick (we both looked silly) lali spent all day Tuesday concepting ideas for Heisman. We’ll know by tomorrow afternoon if we can hack it as college football aficionados.

One thing is for sure, we aren’t totally positive how to do the pose. And judging by the looks we got from serious creative directors passing by, maybe we should act our age (not our shoe size) around the office.



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4 responses to “they…could…go…all…the…way!

  1. Allyson

    i <3 TOMS. well done lali.

    you should email/call travis re college football advice! or there's always me (a hem), a powder puff football champ circa 2001.


  2. Allyson

    love TOMS. good work lali.

    p.s. talk to travis about college ball! while i’d like to think my glory days of powder puff would suffice, circa 2001, i’m pretty sure he’d be a better resource.

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  4. NoRo

    I’m glad to see you sandwiched in some masculine Heisman concepting in between the unmasculine activities of shopping for TOMS and trying on each other’s lipstick.

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