check out our lucky TOMS

Some of you may remember that la and I recently purchased matching TOMS. And whaddya know, we were both wearing them today! I think they might be lucky, because we had a pretty killer meeting with the client this afternoon. Fingers crossed you’ll be seeing some of our new spots and whatnot this football season :)

xo, li



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9 responses to “check out our lucky TOMS

  1. Chren

    Your shoes are dumb.

  2. sarah

    lauren is fulfilling her deep seeded desire to wear matching clothes with someone – i never liked it when we were young

  3. chren- you’re just grumpy old men. maybe you should try matching and see what it does for your relationship!

    sarah- lauren confirms your story, and i’m glad i could finally oblige after all these years :)

    xo, li

  4. UPDATE: we sold a campaign. yay! now the tricky part… making it.

    *insert visual of lali juggling many things*

  5. Loving the blog, ladies. Can’t wait to see your Nissan spot.

  6. Is that CHAAAHHLIEE?! from the second floor of RPA? I hope so!!!

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