Big Ideas Need Big Lights

Big Lights

Lali is on set today. This morning, la showed up fifteen minutes early, but failed to open a production map and therefore parked in the wrong place, had to move her car, and ended up being forty-five minutes late. However, in those first few minutes, she snapped some shots of the production guys setting up.

It always amazes us that so many of our ideas are these abstract thoughts, visualized only in our heads. Then finally, after hundreds die, one gets sold, we pick directors, go through casting and pre pros and all that stuff, and show up on the day of production….

To a bunch of trucks and 150 people all working on our idea. Of course, half the people have no idea who we are, and we’re the ones that slow things up by asking them to cut in closer to the badging and we need five more takes because that mud just wasn’t splashing enough and whatnot… However, it’s exciting.

So big lights, big trucks, fancy port-o-potties, French directors, phantom cameras (google that baby, it’s amazing!), lots of food and lots of sweaty PAs and guys with walkies talkies and two days of 12-hour shoots and somehow, we’ll get a :30s spot.



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