multi-tasking aficionados

shooting yesterday was super fun. however, that was a sunday and today is a monday. the normal work week has resumed and that means one thing… multi-tasking.

while we’d rather be sitting in director chairs eating kraft services and watching playback of fire crackers, st. bernards, and mashed potatoes, we’re actually watching with one eye and doing or regular job with the other. lauren just plowed through a tedious client call and missed the snail scene. sad. later on we’ll be pulled away to review rough cuts of our other campaign, print layouts for this other thing, and at some point we have to come up with some new ideas for some other stuff.

the occupational hazard of multi-tasking is that sometimes (if you’re watching dailies and licking envelopes to the thank you notes from your last production) you get a paper cut on your lip.

BUT, here is la relaxing on set for about 3 seconds. living the dream!

xo, li


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  1. lip paper cuts are the worst! but glad you all are shooting. can’t wait to see the final spot.

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