lali appreciates our producers!

I am on a beach in Hawaii. Awesome.

And our wonderful producers have been sending me iPhone-friendly and therefore beach-friendly quicktimes of edits to review. It almost sent me overboard on my nausea-inducing raft excursion around some cliffs, but no worries, I made it ashore safely. Chris Spencer and Carrie, you da best.

Now where is my mango bellini?


PS li, I am sure you are holding it down for both of us at Chiat Day.



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2 responses to “lali appreciates our producers!

  1. Carrie

    The edit bay is kind of like a beach….hot with lots of people.

    So great to be working on great work. Lali brought it big time! Thanks.

  2. I am excited to come back Monday to the exclusive VBE private beach. I will not, however, be in a bikini.

    And thanks Carrie!!

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