fancy events require fancy shoes

high heels

few things justify lali wearing heels. rubbing elbows with cool industry creatives is one of them.

lali attended AICP last night. tickets courtesy of moxie (thank you), limo ride courtesy of the whitehouse (thank you too!) and champagne courtesy of one of our favorite Chiat producers, chris spencer.

the folks in advertising work really hard, so they play really hard too. we’re so glad we could take a couple hours out of our working schedule (yeah, we’ve been busy and hence us not blogging for a week) to go to one of these events. the most fun part, however, is catching up with people we knew at our old agencies and seeing where they are now. like an industry family reunion.

case in point, allegra bartlett kindly donated her high heeled foot to our photo for the blog. thanks allegra! let’s schmooze again sometime soon!


PS hobart, we owe you a lalipop and probably a lot more for being our knight in a somewhat shining pick up truck for two adgirls who couldn’t walk in their high heels by the end of the night.



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2 responses to “fancy events require fancy shoes

  1. Hobart

    Thanks guys for ps and the offer of a lalipop. Unfortunately i don’t have much of a sweet tooth and am afraid the darling lalipop would go to waste. A drink on the other hand… 

  2. love this shot. so glad you all are getting to play. you work so hard – gotta find the balance.

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