la’s got the sickness


you guessed it, lali has a sick la. the worst kind of sick… super sick, but not sick enough to stop working. don’t you hate it when that happens?

though our little trooper spent the morning amongst the tissues, cough drop wrappers, nasal spray, nyqil, and OJ with (i was told) a dead fly in it, she is nonetheless braving a VO record session as we speak. and we can’t wait to tell you what famous person she’s recording!

this is la’s second work-related celeb elbow rub of the week. on monday, we spent the afternoon with one very entertaining professor/paranormal detective who (we believe) may now be a laliadverts reader ;)

xo to la who is probably sneezing right this second,



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2 responses to “la’s got the sickness

  1. Allyson

    get well soon la! tip o the week: don’t sneeze on celebs, stick to basic elbow rubbing ;)

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