(dramatization. do not attempt late at night with hours of comping left to do.)

As I consult with another art director, li in a desperate state of comp hell splays out on the ground after asking me for a flash drive of layered PSDs and says “trace my chalk outline.” Sadly, she can’t die before finishing these comps, or I will have nothing to present tomorrow.

It’s another late night. I’m feeling helpless without CS4. Sadly, I can’t make any of those design changes, I can only try and be a supportive partner.

Also sadly (only for me, not so sadly for li), it’s li’s last day before she leaves to get married and she’s comping banner ads. It’s a glorious thing.

But as I keep reminding her, she gets to walk away tonight and say “good luck with that one project that I’m going to forget about it seventeen minutes.” Because at the end of the day, she’ll remember her wedding forever and probably want to forget this project immediately (disclaimer for anyone reviewing our work* not that the banners aren’t good, it’s just late, and there’s a lot of them).

So onto another four hours of li comping while I run around dropping off and picking up flash drives, figuring out the UX of an iAd and confirming with account sups that we do have to put “all-new” in front of the name of the car.

It’s going to be a long two and a half weeks without her. laadverts just doesn’t have the same ring.


PS li, you are not a bridezilla or a compzilla.



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5 responses to “TBWA\Chiat\Day\Night

  1. so true. it’s the important things we always hold dear to our hearts. not the ads. the ads we slave over day and night are just passing specs of dust in the wind…

  2. jdb

    Yay! for li getting married!
    Nay! for not calling me to do UX werrrrk.

  3. yay! best partner ever! thanks to the fact la is taking one (or a bazillion) for the team, it’s less than 48 hours till GO time and i’m actually, shockingly prepared to pull off this D.I.Li. wedding. number of herb garden centerpieces planted: 16. number of boxes of wedding crap sorted, packed, and ready for transport: 17. number of family and bridal party members who have descended upon socal so far: 25ish. number of people who could woo me to take the name clatterbuck: 1.

    number of partners i miss: also 1.

    have fun without me… but not TOO much fun!!

    see you soon, lajacq!!

    xo, li

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