Introducing Mrs. Clatterbuck and a Lonely La.

lali at the wedding

So Lindsey Montague is officially Lindsey Clatterbuck.

I wrote a limerick that has yet to be published. I am so going to get in trouble with Mrs. Lindsey Clatterbuck for posting this, but it’s just a travesty if the lali blog readers don’t get to read this one. And she’s on her honeymoon not checking the blog, while I’m at the office with no partner in my cube, which means the la of lali has to do something while her more responsible, adult, married half is gone. Lindsey, consider this like my party that I had where the cops showed up and some drunk boy like Omeed broke your pink lamp and Chase Madrid walked off with your favorite flash drive while you were gone.

You just can’t trust the kids when you are out of town.

And the long awaited limerick:

There once was a girl who had the good luck

To be engaged to a boy named Clatterbuck.

Giving up Montague

Might make one blue.

But at least they can finally fuck!

And for those of you who can’t wait for the official wedding photos, check out this gallery.

Mr. and Mrs. Clatterbuck - 06



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4 responses to “Introducing Mrs. Clatterbuck and a Lonely La.

  1. j

    Now that is a BRILLIANT limeric!

  2. omeed

    limeric is amazing!

    linds i didnt break your lamp. lies all lies.

    we miss you and honestly that was one of the coolest weddings i have ever been to.

    have fun on your honeymoon you lovebirds : )

  3. Allyson

    i think when la writes a limerick its a lamerick. but its about li so maybe it is a limerick. hmm.

  4. La

    Allyson maybe you should be te copywriter! Very clever!

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