Infidelity & Good Press

kid infidelity

Four boys at once.

Li is off on the Clatterbucks do California honeymoon and I am left, lonely, at the office. And since there are so many projects going on but I have no partner, I’ve been paired with four different ones on all different projects.

I feel like I’m cheating on my partner. I think I told someone I was asked to pick up another project with a fifth art director and they called me a slut! Five boys at once! But that’s not really it. It’s just that this staying late at the office thing with boys is just so not the same! I mentioned Mary Poppins, Regina Spektor and shooting stars today all to blank faces.

To Garman Yip, Chris Lynch, Paulo Cruz and Dave Estrada, you are wonderful partners and we really are doing awesome work, but you are not my li.

To li, have fun, but not too much fun that you leave for maternity leave. I don’t think I could handle longer than three weeks without you.



P.S. Nissan is getting some press today, which means Chiat is getting some press today, and happily, also li! An official post about this very exciting new spot from laliadverts is in line, but I just can’t do it without the Mrs. We worked too hard together on this one for me to post alone.

Check it!

Nissan Moves from ‘Shift’ to ‘Innovation’ from NYTimes

Nissan Unveils Four New Innovation for All Spots from Autoblog

Nissan Leaf Pitches Innovation from Adweek

Nissan Kicking Off Fun New Campaign (FEATURING KIDZILLA BY LALIADVERTS!) from USA Today



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2 responses to “Infidelity & Good Press

  1. li

    La! How fun to read what you’ve been up to when my phone regained service… just came down a giant mountain — maybe 12k feet, right next to the famous mt Whitney — after an 8 mile backpack.

  2. li

    Sorry, commenting via Android is weird and i just accidentally published. Anyway, you get the idea. I’ve been happily immersed in honeymoon land, but still dreamed last night that you took another job without me and i was heartbroken. Looking forward to reuniting, and thanks again for letting me take this trip and not worry about work! Can’t wait to return the favor… wink/nudge :)

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