The Soundtrack to Our Commercial Lives

So one of my favorite parts of this job is searching for music. It’s SO MUCH FUN.

And music can really make something fall flat. Or it can make the spot bigger than it ever was.

For Kidzilla, for instance, we threw up probably a hundred songs against that picture, and Elvis just stuck. We cal it demo love.

So in honor of all the hours spent searching for music for mashups, kid destruction, timelapse, polar bears, running footage and soy manifestos, I’ve spent a couple hours just reveling in the good choices other people have made.

So enjoy Pink Moon here:

There’s a spot where the song seals in the magic. There’s also a couple instances where – maybe – the commercial was a waste of a good song. Not naming any names, but you’ll hear them in the playlist.

So enjoy it on 8tracks,
lscribbly’s Adtunes playlist


PS A lalipop for anyone who can list almost all the spots…


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