lali lessons in advertising #3: be an angel’s advocate

angel's advocate

So now that I’m working with all these new partners, I am having to adapt my work style to fit everyone else. Or at least I hope I am! The boys may say something different.

Either way, concepting late night last night with Dave, I was reminded – and probably wasted ten minutes of our precious concepting time telling him about it – of something that my old partner at RPA (xoxo Brian Farkas!) and I used to do together.

While we walked to CVS to get red bulls, or had Brian write at the tallest part of the white board that I couldn’t reach in 2317, or I lay down with blankets and pillows in the Acura team room eating Soybean chinese food or Brazilian cheese balls, we tried to always be Angel’s Advocates.

You can never be scared to say a bad or stupid idea in front of your partner. And with new people, that’s hard to do. But with Brian, we always tried to remember that just because it sounds stupid at first doesn’t mean it can’t lead to something amazing. Inconvenient Poops and whatnot. So instead of shooting down stupid thoughts, we tried to Angel’s Advocate everything. Believe in another person’s ideas enough to make them shine.

Of course, it goes without saying that la and li are always angel advocating lali ads. It’s just something that I’ve been attempting to remember now as she’s gone, and hoping I am really doing. Also hoping to sell some new concepts after a tough week of work.




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  1. RSH

    Way back when I interviewed at WK12, we did the improv exercise of ‘Yes, and..” This post totally reminds me of that philosophy: keeping yourself open to ideas regardless of how they first appear.

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