ignore disco, the lali version of stealth disco.

So way back in January when we were finishing the Nissan brand spot, we had a nice little dance session after several long nights in an edit bay. Relive “lali works hard for the money” right here.

To which Chris Adams astutely commented, lali stealth discos. Example here.

And although lali had promised David Duchovny he’d get some stealth disco next VO record, he was sadly in New York and not at Lime. So instead of stealth discoing a celebrity, we “ignore discoed” Joel. What a good sport. Ignore disco, for lali, is when we bounce around the room dancing to obnoxious music announcing that we will stealth disco and everyone knows we are doing it and just ignores us.

So yesterday’s stealth disco, featuring Lindsey Montague Clatterbuck, a cameo from la, and Chris Pouy & Chris Spencer as ignoring bystanders. Enjoy it right here:

fancy footwork, lali ignore disco

(It ends with Chris Spencer going rogue on my computer and IMing my friends. The ultimate in ignore disco.)

And while I was in Hawaii for three days reviewing edits, getting a tan and drinking mango mimosas, li made a little ignore disco present just for me in the Kidzilla editing bay. Camera work by Elaine, our producer, and ignore disco bystanders Rick and Peter.

Laugh at that right here (li is really good!):

lali ignore disco

Do you think we’d get in trouble for ignore discoing at our next Nissan RDJ session???





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2 responses to “ignore disco, the lali version of stealth disco.

  1. Roper

    I play “ignore disco” with you all the time at the house. There are some hardcore dance moves in those videos.

  2. omeed

    you guys are ridiculous. i love you guys

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