Whose mom wrote this?

Asks Chris Adams, our creative director.

See his email that made me laugh out loud in a very serious meeting.


And it came from the comments on Kidzilla, screengrabbed here.

Picture 2

It’s kind of an awesome comment. That neither of our mom’s wrote. Mine probably does not have a YouTube account and would definitely not comment on any of my spots – she didn’t even respond to the email I sent her with it attached! and li’s mom would have said something like, and I quote li:

“Wowee, awesome! Good job sweetie!”

So on that note, let’s hope we get more great comments and hilarious emails from strangers and creative directors.





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2 responses to “Whose mom wrote this?

  1. Li's mom!

    This mom loves your work! Especially the uncut version. It’s fun, bold, and entertaining all at the same time. Wowee, sweetie! It’s awesome! ooxxoo

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