La la la late 20s!

happy bday1

I’ve been getting virtual and real love all day long! That’s cuz it’s my birthday. And birthdays at the office are fun, especially when your partner plasters the wall with photos of your face reading H-A-P-P-Y BIRTHDAY L-A-U-R-E-N-!

happy bday 2

And when your mom sends you cupcakes that make you feel sick and have you walking into meetings with people saying: “It smells like someone’s baking!” and sends you flowers that might even overpower the smell of funfetti.

Picture 8

And when your friends that don’t work with you love you enough to post on your facebook wall!

However, the day will get a lot more fun when I can leave the office, put on pajamas, and have a boyfriend cook me dinner. I won’t even lift a finger to help do the dishes. Unless its to rinse out a wine glass. Nevermind, I may have him do that for me too.

xo to li who made me signs, mom who sent me goodies, my friends who signed my wall and bought me drinks on friday and to Noro for dinner and Samson for spooning this morning,


PS I actually celebrated Friday night, and judging by the photo, I was not at the office.




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5 responses to “La la la late 20s!

  1. sarah

    you’re wearing black now? is this a late twenties thing??

  2. It’s a maturity thing, you’ll get it when you reach your late twenties.

  3. Allyson

    so how was the noah-samson-homemade dinner? edible? delectable? and more importantly are there any of those momma-sent cupcakes leftover??? i could really go for one.

  4. Roper

    Happy birthday baby! I hope you had a blast and enjoyed the stir-fry.

    Also, I can’t believe you didn’t bring me home a cupcake. Or did Samson eat the one you were saving for me?

  5. Noah – Samson ate it!

    Allyson, delectable!

    Sadly, no more cupcakes! But come to JDB’s bbq this weekend as I’m sure she’ll be baking SOMETHING!

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