A little support goes a long way!

best boss mug

When you send off comps to your CD or ACD at midnight, knowing you still have 3 more to do, and fearing crash-and-burn feedback forcing you back to the drawing board… On nights like this, a good email to get back is “Hot shit! this is a great start.” followed by “nice job getting it together. I think it’s fine for today’s meeting.” Phew! I might get a couple hours of sleep afterall!

Then, this morning, a CD ad girl we’ve been moonlighting for emailed “Awesome girls!! Thank u. Really nice to have a fresh perspective. :)”

And of course, there’s our normal CD cheer section who make every project bearable with classics like “love it, don’t change a thing.

Maybe it’s because we’re millennials and we crave affirmation. Or maybe we’re just nice people who like working with other nice people. But this blog goes out to all our bosses who know how to inspire and motivate… and therefore, get more/better work out of us :)

xo, li (and la, of course)

PS… Glylan, thanks for the donuts this morning! Chren, thanks for the thoughtfully-wrapped wedding present and all-around friendliness. And C/M… thanks for making the last 9+ months super fun :)



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3 responses to “A little support goes a long way!

  1. Chren

    Don’t get all misty, girlie. It was a regift. Bah!

  2. RSH

    And here I thought all team leads came from the ‘beatings will continue until morale improves’ school.

  3. Chren

    Whatever. Baaaaah.

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