The Ad Girls are DJ Sammie for the Week!

So, every week TBWA\Chiat\Day’s cafeteria has a guest DJ and a specialty sandwich, courtesy of a resident musically-inclined employee. For the week of September 20 (yup, that’s this week) it’s lali, the ad girls!

So we have a theme. And being ad girls – of course – it’s all ad based. The idea: concept your own grilled cheese. The ingredients: check the poster. The tunes: songs from commercials.

And for those here at Chiat Day, here are the lali suggestions for our own grilled cheeses:

the la

French country white. Brie. Sliced Apples. Bacon.

the li

Wholegrain bread. Provolone. Turkey. Avocado.

In honor of our advertising themed week of music and melting cheese, we’ve madmened ourselves. What do you think? Lali would OBVIOUSLY be way more than secretaries in 1965.

lali, mad men style
enlarge here.

And finally, if you’d like the hear a sample of the music that will be blasting through Chaya Playa (Chiat’s cafeteria) this week – let’s call it “adtunes from the adgirls,” check it here!

xo from two ad girls trying to make “sandwiches” in a world of mad men,




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5 responses to “The Ad Girls are DJ Sammie for the Week!

  1. Roper

    Damn, those grilled cheeses sound really good. I’ll have one of each please.

  2. Allyson

    can laliadverts readers get a grilled cheese too??

  3. Allyson, come to Chaya this week for lunch!

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