lali surround think!!

So, one time, I think it our first couple weeks at Chiat Day, we said something at the same time. Like the exact same words at the exact same time. And the guy we were talking to goes: “Woah, Dolby Surround Sound!” And then li turns to me and goes: “No, LALI Surround Sound!”

And so lali surround sound ™ was born. Until Jimmy at Margarita Mix informed us that since we were only two speakers, it’s technically only lali stereo sound. But lali surround sound sounds better, so we’ll stick with that.

And then Sunday, while working via IM, we had the strangest occurrence. We IMed each other the same thought, and the same time.

Here it is:

lali surround think, via IM

And it is now dubbed “lali surround think.” Astounding. We spend so much time together, we not only surround speak but also surround think. Two girls connected by one brain. “lali.”




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4 responses to “lali surround think!!

  1. Chren

    Funny. Chren was just thinking “this is stupid” at the exact same time.

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