lali gets a youtube plug!

We are so honored to get a plug from Mr. Rob Schwartz in a youtube interview re: Nissan’s latest work! Check it out for yourself here, and feel free to scrub to 4:00 if you want to hear about how terrific we are :)

PS… Rob, we think you’re terrific, too!

If you didn’t see our post about “Kidzilla” — the spot Rob is referencing — check it out on youtube here.

La and I had a little project die today. In our world, you don’t always get your work produced. So when you finally have something running out there, it’s so great to see that people like it! For the record: over 60,000 views on youtube. Not bad for a little commercial about the quality of a four-door sedan!

Making of Kidzilla, Graveyard Scene

It’s been a crazy few weeks. With the help of some cool people, La and I have been pioneering into new media frontiers (sorry, the details re top secret). We’re also helping to launch a brand new Nissan car in the digital space, and have two campaigns alive in two different pitches for two different brands. Fingers crossed!

xo and back to work!



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5 responses to “lali gets a youtube plug!

  1. Allyson

    WOW!! Amaaazing and well-deserved plug! Congrats Lali :)

    Aside: seems awfully nearsighted that the interviewer was surprised you are women.


    Allyson (or more specifically, a Woman)

  2. elizabeth Alexander

    wow, great plug. But I too came to comment on how sad it is that it was a big surprise that you are women! You mean girls can do more than buy media? no way! What year is it!?

  3. Li's mom!

    That interview on YouTube was so much fun to watch! Nice work, LaLi!

  4. congrats, ladies. incredibly well-deserved praise. hand claps and some whistles. xo simone

  5. I know! We can work on BOY STUFF TOO! We’ve been working on cars for years now!

    women unite!

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