Matching lali outfit plan FAILS!

lali, seersucker shorts & tbwa\chiat\day
lali seersucker @ tbwa\chiat\day

So, ask my sister Sarah. I love wearing matching outfits. It was something I always wanted to do as a kid in elementary school and even though she was younger than me, she was always too cool to do it.

However, li happens to be about the same cool as me. And we didn’t want to stop at matching toms. No. We both have blue seersucker bermuda shorts. And as LA broke records in heat yesterday (hottest day since 1887 or something crazy. don’t know the actual facts, but you get the idea), shorts were in order today.

So I called li this morning and enthusiastically exclaimed, let’s wear our matching shorts today! To which she even more enthusiastically exclaimed yes!

But sadly, we were supposed to go to the Mill and then BECAUSE OF THE STUPID HEAT there was a power outage. So instead of wasting two hours of her day driving between Long Beach and here, she stayed home to comp away.

And no one got to see our matching outfits. Like maybe the saddest thing ever.

So here it is, digitally. So even if we couldn’t match in the same place in the world today, we could match on our blog.


PS li, purple t-shirt and jeans tomorrow??



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4 responses to “Matching lali outfit plan FAILS!

  1. Anonymous

    i believe my exact reply was “you can count on me!” yep, we are the same amount of not-cool and i don’t care who knows it.

    didn’t know i’d be a comping slave in my own home today… sat under the AC and resized banner after banner. missed you lots, but kinda didn’t miss the office :)

    purple tee and jeans tomorrow? got it!

    xo, li

  2. sarah

    i think we used to have matching fruit vests with coordinating leggings

  3. Li's mom!

    I don’t know if Li can remember this — when she was little she and I ALSO loved to wear matching outfits! Google what Laura Ashley mother/daughter styles were in the ’80’s and voila! There you have what li and I wore LOTS!

    Loved it! Sure miss those days…. but am happy she has la to play dress ups with now!


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