farewell “en” of chren… your grumpiness will be missed :(

for those of you who read our blog’s comments, you’ll recognize the name chren… lali’s crotchety foil whose tagline goes something like “two grumpy madmen who wish those adgirls would shut up.”

well, the other day, la and i learned mr. ken pappanduros (or, “en”) is leaving us for the greener pastures and customizable schedules of the freelance world. good for him!

ken would have you believe he’s a salty advertising curmudgeon, but don’t you believe it. he and his art director partner chris were two of the five friendly faces we met when we interviewed at chiat. we liked them right away, and i guess they liked us too because we got the job! since then, they have been awesome ACDs, allies, and faithful blog readers during our time together at chiat. i’ve only seen the chren persona in action ONE time… when en hung up on an account guy who was asking him to do (potentially) unnecessary work. classic.

anyway, wednesday night was ken’s grand finale, and we celebrated over beers at the price o’ whales… as evidenced by they photos of lali being lali and chren being chren.

laliadverts lalichren1b

laliadverts lalichen2b

the other highlight of the evening was the premiere of chren’s new commercial for the nissan juke, which you can enjoy here:

and here’s a fun shot of us being starstuck with Brett Erlich, star of the spot :)


lali played a role in kowalczyk’s donut adventure. more on that to come… stand by!

xo en, sionara for now, until you’re our creative director someday!





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5 responses to “farewell “en” of chren… your grumpiness will be missed :(

  1. en

    I want to write bah! But strangely, I don’t feel the urge. I miss lali already. Go figure. Take care ladies. See you soon.


  2. Chr

    Sigh. . . . . BAH!

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