1,714 texts!

li's text messages, from lali, @ tbwa chait day

Li had to empty out her text messages. This morning we had a little snafu where she couldn’t actually text me because it was too full and then she tried to email and then it crashed and then finally got through via call. Whew.

But the whole point is, her TEXT MESSAGE INBOX IS FULL. And guess why?

Yup, check the picture. Between February of 2010 and today, we have exchanged 1,714 texts. Coming in a meager second place (let’s face it, I won the text message quantity war by a landslide) is “my love,” her husband, Mark Clatterbuck at 406. He’s in her phone as “my love” – tehe – what can I say! They are newly weds.

Then in comes her best friend of 22 years at 256. And her brother, S Man QB 12, at 200. Margaret Keene gets an honorable mention.

But no one had as many as yours truly! Even though we spend more time together than with anyone else in our lives, we still manage to text more with each when not with each other than anyone else either.

And PS, it’s not just Chiat that makes us talk so much. For those of you who have spent excessive (or very little for that matter) time with us, you know that we talk a lot individually. And when we get together, well… let’s let the number 1,714 speak for itself.



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  1. not co-dependent at all. i believe they have programs for this… ;)

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