the OG glasses wearer

Friday at the office, and upon chatting with our creative director about my degenerating eyeballs and recent glasses acquisition, she points out that la and I now look alike. Funny, because we recently pointed that out too: here.

When we showed her the post (yes, we like to talk about our blog, and we don’t care who knows it) she noted that SHE, not la, was the original glasses wearer, disappeared, and came back a moment later with the evidence:

And this is why we love Margaret Keene. Not only is she creative and famous, she is fun to work for!

When stuff needs to get done, an edict from Margaret Keene is followed by “is that okay?” and afterwards, much thanking and encouragement. She fights for good work, fights for her peeps, and even flights for the clients’ best interest. She is an adgirl who has MADE it in a world of mad men, and we only hope we can be her when we grow up!



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