lali of the corn

lali corn
Fall is here! And even though there are no seasons in Los Angeles, la and I managed to find a pumpkin patch and corn maze! We didn’t actually brave the maze, but we did enjoy the petting zoo and sugar-water-cider.

When you’ve been spending days on end together talking about nothing but work, it’s always nice to do some friendship maintenance. The only time we talked about advertising on this outing was — upon seeing how cute our photos were — exclaiming they were worthy of a blog post. Do you concur?
lali goat
lali sheep
lali pumpkins

in scarves and boots!



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4 responses to “lali of the corn

  1. Roper

    When did all this happen? I thought La was deathly allergic to goats?

  2. Li's mom!

    Fort Pumpkin lives!!

  3. goats have really scary eyes…

    and Li you make the best pin-up girl =)

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