Happy Laliween!

So we thought today would be a leisurely Friday before Halloween at the office. Hanging out with blow up pumpkins. Trying to sneak into the children’s only bouncy machine. Planning out makeup for tonight. Picking up last minute items for costumes. You know. Minimal work. More play.

But oh no! We got busy. One tv spot died yesterday (I almost cried over that one) and we were immediately put on three new projects. Busy lali!

And appropriately so, we are dressed up for Halloween as “Chiat Day and Night.” TBWA\Chiat\Day is fondly referred to as “Chiat Day and Night” because of all the nights we work… And since Chiat’s logo is pirates, li and I wore pirate eye patches, she dressed as night and I dressed as day.

Chiat Day and Night!

lali dresses as chiat day and night

We will not be working this night, however. A black swan needs to go to a party with her white swan (giggles Deborja, get healthy soon!) and a backpacker mauled by a bear needs to meet her backpacker husband who was also mauled by a bear.

So until the night comes, blast our Halloween playlist – it’s called “A Haunted Hipster Halloween” because we work in advertising, so even our Halloween music has to be cool. Ryan Gosling’s band’s “My Body’s a Zombie for You,” the dracula song from Forgetting Sarah Marshall, a MSTRKRFT remix of Monster Hospital, Talking Head’s Psycho Killer, some songs about witches and werewolves and skeletons sung by some of KCRW favorites, and some classics, including my favorite song from Rocky Horror.

LISTEN HERE! “A Haunted Hipster Halloween

And one more thing, ad related of course as this is an ad blog. Last year, Farkas and I had to make a Halloween ad for Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay. It ended up being a spooky poem invitation in iambic pentameter. Enjoy!

xo from chiat day,


And oh, we did hug pumpkins and try to attack the kid’s only bouncy machine… it just happened yesterday.

lali and a pumpkin, @ tbwa chiat day

lali and a bouncy machine, @ tbwa chiat day


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