Congratulations! You’re going to have Antoine and Louis!

louis and antoine, pregnant.

Why do our director and producer’s bellies looks pregnant? I dunno, I guess you’ll have to read the blog next week to find out…

What we can tell you is this: lali is in production again. With Antoine Bardou-Jacquet again. And juggling being on set with being on other producers while dealing with really shoddy internet is not easy, which is why this blog post is happening from an edit bay in VBE tonight and rather than yesterday on set.

So although now I’m sitting with Dan our editor, Bill, Margaret and li going through every take of every expression on one of our actor’s faces, two men pretending to be pregnant is more interesting than anything I can blog about at this moment. So I’m doing yesterday’s post today. Blame the shoddy internet. Although everyone in the room is making the same expressions at the television that our guy is making. That’s kinda funny.

And I need to start paying more attention. So adios blog readers, until next time…




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3 responses to “Congratulations! You’re going to have Antoine and Louis!

  1. Amanda Schuster

    OMG, this picture made me laugh out loud. Hilarious and kind of gross at the same time… but it also made me miss Antoine and Louis, and Lali! Keep up the good work, ladies!

  2. Ohhhh we miss you Amanda! We should have a drink and play catch up, please!

  3. Hello Lali,
    Your blog makes me laugh. Say Hi to Antoine and Louis from me. Have a great shoot.

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