lali learns the joys of the BSG hangover…

A few weeks ago, Mark and I finished all the seasons of Weeds that Netflix Instant has to offer. Very enjoyable, by the way.

Whenever we finish a series — and we have finished many in our almost 4 years together — we are faced with a very important decision: what on earth will we now do with our down time? Or, in other words, what Netflix Instant series will we watch next?

Netflix, in its infinite wisdom, served up the answer for us in the “suggested” popup window. The answer couldn’t be more clear: Battlestar Gallactica.


I think we finished season one in about a weekend. Just when you think it’s time for bed, Commander (now Admiral) Adama readies the nukes (cut to credits) or so-and-so is a cylon (cut to credits). Now…I’ve never tried hard drugs so I can only imagine the addiction, but almost any time I see those credits roll, I’m jonesin’ to reinject the goods.

I guess it was contagious, because before I knew it, I got a text from la at 1:26AM on the Saturday night of Halloween weekend: she was on episode 3. In fact, we both (unbeknownst to each other) stayed up until 4:30AM glued to our respective Netflixes. So much for being young and cool and out at bars with our peers.

Since then, it’s all we can think about. It’s all we do when we finally get home from our day jobs. Even while in production and waking up before the sun, we watch late into the night and wake up each morning with a BSG hangover. It’s awesome.

I wish I could tell you what transpired last night before my head finally hit the pillow, but I wouldn’t want to give it away to la who is a little behind me. Let’s just say a main character died in a fiery plane crash and might very well be a cylon. Omg.

callsign: li

PS image above provided thanks to Noah Roper’s record collection. Ha.


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  1. Wow, you guys are moving quickly. BSG = best thing ever. SO SAY WE ALL!

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