iPhone, You’re a Star!

Kowalczyk and the iAd demo, lali @ chiat

Just because we work at TBWA\Chiat\Day and not Media Arts Lab doesn’t mean we can’t film an iPhone! It just might happen to be my iPhone (with a slightly dented side) and not a fancy one. And using Brett Erlich (star of the Nissan Juke commercial but not a hand model) hands. And filming in a cubicle in the office instead of a fancy set.

I was without a phone all morning because we were using it to shoot a demo for our iAd (coming soon guys, keep an eye out on the blog for the demo!) We were reunited with Kowalczyk (AKA Brett Erlich) and lots of donuts.

As the readers of this blog may or may not know, my phone has hipstamatic. And hipstamatic supplies about 90% of the photos seen on this blog. So it’s a pretty integral part of our posts, as lali life isn’t nearly as interesting when not seen through the lens of purposefully aged photos circa 1976. Thank you, Roboto Glitter, Bettie XL, Helga Viking, and more, you’ve given us such goodies as:

5353 Fest at TBWA\Chiat\Day, from lali adverts
5353 Fest at TBWA\Chiat\Day, from lali adverts
toy car

(Speaking of hipstamatic, users should update and get the free promo lenses for the Dali Museum, entitled Dali Museum GoodPak, check out the mediabistro writeup here and check out the contest here)

And seeing as how I get my emails on my iPhone, my work phone transfers to my iPhone and even my IMs get sent to my iPhone, it’s a pretty integral part of the work la life and not just the blog la life.

However, today the tables were turned and instead of documenting the adworld, my iPhone was in it. Too bad it doesn’t count as talent!

So all of you fellow iPhone users, keep an eye out for our iAd. Coming soon to a pocket near you.


PS for those curious as to what Noah looks like through the Dali lens and with a mustache…
noah, dali hipstamiticafied, by lali



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