Movember’s not just for boys anymore!

Musings on mustaches:

Men always say other mens’ mustaches are awesome. Women do not. Growing a mustache is a sign of being a man, for a man. Growing a mustache may be a sign that something is wrong with a man, for a woman (note Noah Roper with a mustache, pictured here). Men take their mustaches very seriously. Women can’t take men in mustaches seriously ever.

Last night’s post where I used a Dali (who had a mustache) hipstamatic filter to take a picture of Noah (who also had a mustache), got me remembering Movember last year. Li and I were new little creatives at the big Chiat Day. And an assistant producer grabbed us and said, we need more people for our Movember photoshoot! Could you help? And we unwittingly thought other girls would be posing for these mustache shots…

Think again, Chiat noobs! If I can remember correctly, we were two of three (maybe four?) girls in mustaches. Mine is not attractive, to say the least. Li’s is downright disturbing! But all for a good cause. (read more here) I wonder how much $$ li’s mo raised for prostate cancer…??



And since ours aren’t real mustaches and we can’t keep them for the entire month, here’s a smattering of infamous mustaches and the men who wear them.




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2 responses to “Movember’s not just for boys anymore!

  1. Roper

    La, the stache is not a great look for you. Please shave immediately.

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