Omeed, I hope you always remember your first…

Picture 40

This adorable facebook post from our adorable cubicle neighbor Omeed Boghraty got me feeling nostalgic about the early days. Anyone out there remember their first real ad? I do.

My friend Mark Tripp has this funny site called Freshmen Ads. You can see my contribution in its original form here, and also below.


The kind people of Saatchi Los Angeles threw me (a creative assistant) and Josh (an intern) this little bone.

As for the print ad, I thought I had struck “Archive” gold envisioning the city as a metaphorical labyrinth. Eureka!

The banner was more or less our creative director’s idea (it’s loosely based on the movie “Duel” which I had never even heard of) and of course that’s the part of the project that got noticed by the One Show. Maybe 2007 was a slow year for banners, I don’t know.

Truth be told, I’m not convinced a single consumer ever saw or took notice of these little gems, but my children will. I kept that issue of Rolling Stone.

– Lindsey Montague Art Director, TBWA \ Chiat \ Day \ Night

So here’s to internal communication billboards, NASCAR win ads, Honda Certified Used Cars, APR financing, KBB homepage spotlight banners, facebook profile pictures, keynote, website body copy, mood boards, resizes, and all the other most glamorous aspects of being a junior creative.

Congratulations Omeed! Many more to come.

xo, li



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2 responses to “Omeed, I hope you always remember your first…

  1. omeed


    i can’t tell you how happy i got when i saw this. actually, you can ask andi cause she was next to me. i had the biggest smile on my face. you guys are so awesome, and such an inspiration. i wish you guys were here right now so we could celebrate together. wherever you are, i hope you two are laughing, or resting, or working on something amazing as usual. i couldn’t have asked for better cubicle partners.

    you guys are the best and see you monday!



  2. Oh, Omeed. That kind of spirit is why you have 69 likes and 39 comments on your post about your first ad on facebook!

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