Don’t go to concept angry…

So it’s not all sunshine and lalipops in the ad world.

Even though this blog may be mostly written with smiles, sometimes there are tears.

Li and I got in a fight this morning. At The Mill. In front of strangers. The fight was over something really important – as most things in advertising are – the fact that I play with my hair.

Li said she wanted to count how many times I have played with my hair in the time we spend concepting. I asked her if it was really that annoying. She said yes. I got hurt and angry and overreacted. She told me I was overreacting. I continued to overreact. Margaret threw a piece of paper at us that said you two are silly. I threw it at li. So on. We worked it out.

Really, we hate fighting, but (and I counted) we have spent close to 3,000 hours together (not counting hours on the phone, on IM, and video chatting) making important decisions, solving problems, creating problems for other people, deciding what’s right for brands, sending emails, sticking up for our opinions, writing things, comping things, presenting to clients, deciding what to blog, go to meetings, bitch about meetings, text during meetings, buy each other smoothies, drink saki while making banner ads, recording celebrities, plugging our blog to celebrities, walking our dogs, picking up our dogs poop, speaking our minds, you know, that kind of stuff. And when you spend close to 3,000 hours doing anything with anybody, there are just going to be some tense moments.

Sometimes you have to be vulnerable. And you have to say what’s on your mind. And you have to admit when you’re wrong.

The best is when you both admit you both could have handled the situation better. And then share an apple cream crepe together. Which is what happened today.

lali shares a crepe, @ margarita mix
(note the two forks)

xo to li, sorry I overreacted,



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3 responses to “Don’t go to concept angry…

  1. elizabeth Alexander

    li used to make fun of me for playing with my hair when we concepted too! I wasn’t lucky enough to hit the 3,000 hr mark and get to throw paper at her over it. But, I can identify with this post a little ;)

    Oh li, and her sensitivity to partners who play with their hair. . . hehe.

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