Steve Jobs, wanna be BFF?

Looks like we’ll be heading up to sunny Cupertino, CA this Thursday/Friday to finish up a project we’re working on with Apple. Exciting! I feel like I’m holding a golden ticket. Maybe I’ll even get to meet Willy Wonka himself.

This hadn’t occurred to me, but the Genius at the Apple Store last weekend said that when his buddy was in Cupterino for training, Steve Jobs sat down next to him at the cafeteria.

OMG what would I say? Working at the agency that does all of Apple’s advertising, we hear his name a lot. Our CDs helped launch itunes and stuff, and are on a “last-name-only” basis with him. So when the Apple Store Genius made a big deal of it, I was all “oh whatever” on the inside. But actually, when I stop to think about it, who knows if I’ll ever be welcomed into the confines of Apple headquarters again, so I guess I shouldn’t take it for granted.

Unless we go work at MAL, in which case, maybe we’d get to be BFF?

At any rate, if past celeb encounters are any indication (David Duchovny implied in this post), we’ll undoubtedly giggle and tell Mr. Jobs he should read our blog.

xo and bracing for the embarrassment,



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2 responses to “Steve Jobs, wanna be BFF?

  1. Allyson

    i know what i would not tell him: “i love going to and ripping music.”

  2. jdb

    this is all very cool, and exciting, but there are more important things than steve jobs around 6:30pm on friday. lali better be back and ready to rally!

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