Huhh… You’re going to have another commercial!

Li and I have a new spot! If you watched college football at all, you saw a commercial where a dad finds out he’s having a baby. In dismay, he looks longingly at his 370Z that has no back seats. And in a slightly fantastical twist, he stretches his Z into a Maxima, the four-door sports car.

Well, in this follow up, we revisit the couple again, this time at the doctor’s office. And you’ll see what happens next… if the title doesn’t give it away!

Nissan Quest Teaser

We shot this one again with Antoine Bardou-Jacquet, and if anyone has spent any set time with him, they know he’s a jokester. And if you haven’t, here’s a little peek at what he’s like. And in a little behind the scenes content, li and I fake auditioned for the role of doctor and husband, with Antoine in the pillow-belly-stuffed role of pregnant wife. Tehe! Minus li, who is actually quite a talented actress, there’s a reason we’re usually behind the camera and not in front of it.

Please. Just watch Antoine’s face.

Triplets Audition, featuring lali and Antoine

And for those who don’t constantly read the blog (PS you should if you don’t and we may not forgive you nor give you lalipops!), see what Antoine’s pregnant belly ACTUALLY looks like here.



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