Happy Birthday to our other third!

Happy happy birthday to our number one sidekick SAMSON SMITH ROPER!! Last year, your Aunt Li made you a banner out of computer paper and highlighters, but this year you deserve something much more permanent.

Anyone who knows lali knows our Samson. Tyler and Penny may come and go, but this guy stands by us almost every day. Possibly the most famous dog in the office, Samson is known far and wide for his many skills such as yoga and ballet. He entertains with his antics and warms our hearts with his cuddles. And today, he’s got a shiny clean coat, a new collar, and some fancy toys from mom.



He stars in our productions:



He’s got mad skillz:


And he’s always learning new things, like the doggy door at my house:


He is a cuddle muffin:


And a snuggle nugget:


…..The man of the hour…….!






And with all he puts up with, this is how he feels about us sometimes (ffwd to :20)


Samson, I hope sitting in our cube day in and day out hasn’t made you bored of advertising, and I hope lali always has you as our third member :)

xo, Aunt Li


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