GlenDyLaLi doodle all the day!

After working late, pulling an office all nighter, staying til 9pm on a Friday (which is our least favorite thing to do), working 20 hours this weekend (mystery solved), and coming in before 10am on Monday… after all that, we were stoked to have several productive meetings with our ACDs Glenn and Dylan today. They don’t send us back to the drawing board. They don’t typically kill our ideas before they’ve seen the light of day. They don’t make us fill our decks with only their ideas. Instead they LIKE our ideas, stick up for them, and tell us we’re doing a good job. Yay!

We’ve been working with these gents quite a lot lately on almost all of our 374 trazillion Nissan projects. So much so that our creative director Chris Adams gave us another nickname today… you guessed it! GlenDyLaLi!! I took the liberty of adding capitalization so you’d all understand. It’s an amalgamation of our names. Clever.

What’s cuter about this story, that we’ve adopted a couple of madmen who get/appreciate our adgirl ways? Or that Chris Adams nicknamed us again? Or maybe, in my overworked delusion, the fact that I’m able to find anything cute about anything at all??

xo, li


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