lali lessons in advertising #5: people don’t care about advertising as much as we do

So obviously, we’re ad girls. We care a lot about advertising. We’ve spent over hundred hour weeks caring a lot about advertising. We kind of have to, it kind of has to be worth it or else, jeese, what are we doing with our lives?

When we stress about branding on the top and bottom of banner ads, logo consistency, logo violations, view counts, making the frown lines stand out on the hood of the Altima, whether the mud makes a squish rather than a squash, countless hours in an edit bay to make changes (the difference between edit v. 12 and edit v 145 at the end of the day is something no one but us will notice), concept testing, how we can extend this idea to foursquare, whether we’re really speaking to the target, and on and on and on… Sometimes its nice to remind ourselves that no one will care as much as we do. Let’s face it. Besides us, who really uses foursquare besides us anyway?

Sometimes it’s sad how much caring we do, sometimes it’s good. Because that’s just our job. All the effort that goes into that 7 second animation of a banner ad, a 30 second TV spot, a Facebook application, even a 360 campaign, pays off because we care.

But really, sometimes it’s refreshing to step back and go, it’s just advertising.

That’s why we’ve got sites like this one, “Things Real People Don’t Say About Advertising.”

Take a look, and if you work in advertising, have a laugh. The stock photography combined with the catch phrases had lali LOLing quite a bit in the past couple weeks. It’s funny because it hits too close to home.

Enjoy a couple here:

And check out the tumblr site here:

Now back to making logos bigger and overthinking everything we do!



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One response to “lali lessons in advertising #5: people don’t care about advertising as much as we do

  1. Elizabeth Alexander

    did you know my new office mate made that? His name is E.B. and he’s a pretty cool kid. He had no idea it would take off like this. and he doesn’t really want credit, so don’t tell anybody I told you it was him ;)

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