Chris Adams and Margaret Keene – We will miss you so much!

So, this article was posted today on Adweek:

Updated: Saatchi Poaches Top Creative Team From TBWA\Chiat\Day
Margaret Keene and Chris Adams expected to be co-ecds

(read article)


We found out yesterday. Had tearful conversations on the phone with Margaret and Chris. Felt incredibly sad they were leaving us. Then felt incredibly happy they were leaving us for something good. This is such a great opportunity for them. ECDs. Running Saatchi’s second biggest account. As they’ve been with Chiat 20 years and 15 years respectively, it’s crazy that they’re leaving and they wouldn’t leave unless it was something amazing. And it will be. Leading 70 creatives. Big budgets for an 18 vehicle lineup. Toyota & Saatchi, you are lucky. Did I say ECDs?!? They are going to do such great work and be in an atmosphere to do such great work and we are so proud of them and happy for them.

Now to us. We’re going to be missing potentially the best creative directors we’ve ever worked for. Two amazing leaders with great minds. We never feel like we’re working FOR them, but always WITH them. I’ve never seen either of them angry. Margaret has a way of walking into an edit bay and making everyone just FEEL good. Chris has a way of using the fewest amount of words to inspire you to do incredible work. We’ve grown with them, gone through advertising hell and back with them, learned from them, admired them, drank with them, and done great work with them. They have set the bar incredibly high for the Nissan work – the best work the brand has done in years – and we owe our successes from the past year to their leadership. There’s some sort of magic about Chris and Margaret… And truly, we don’t love them just because they’re great creative directors (which they are) but also because they are great people. We’re going to miss both of them immensely.

It’s still a shock, and we haven’t fully processed what this is going to do to our lives and our emotions. But we couldn’t be happier for them (tinged with sadness for ourselves!) and to all you Saatchi people out there – YOU ARE SO LUCKY! When Chris and Margaret first became our creative directors, everyone said: “You are so lucky, everything they touch turns to gold.” So again, you Saatchi people: YOU ARE SO LUCKY! EVERYTHING THEY TOUCH TURNS TO GOLD!”

xo to our creative directors, we love you and will miss you,

PS And this just in, Agency Spy got the story…. here it is. Although not as heartfelt and sweet as our post!
PPS I wish I’d taken more pictures of these two, but Margaret always refuses and says: Don’t blog this! But since we won’t have you around the office anymore to snap pictures of and blog… here’s our last hurrah!

lali + chris and sarah
Pedigree Shoot
Making of Kidzilla, Chris Adams Double-Fisting Phones
margaret keene working on the floor
Nissan Kegger @ TBWA\Chiat\Day



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11 responses to “Chris Adams and Margaret Keene – We will miss you so much!

  1. en

    Ditto. They’re influence is still with me. I miss them terribly and know they’ll do great work for Toyota. You did better than you even know yet, Saatchi.

  2. Lisa edmondson

    What a truly heartfelt tribute. Thank you for putting this out into the social universe so quickly. You two are a class act! We promise to take very good care of your mentors.

  3. Hobart

    Super sweet post. Wish I had that much love for my bosses.

  4. you couldn’t have said it better LaLi. really gonna miss them.

  5. dan

    gonna miss them. great post. good luck Midge and Chris. much love. Dan

  6. In my over 24 years in advertising, I’ve come across talented people who weren’t very smart. Smart people who weren’t very nice. And nice people who weren’t very talented. Chris and Margaret possess this rare trifecta that makes working for them, with them or alongside them a truly unusual and rewarding experience.

    I hope they find this new and challenging endeavor exciting and fulfilling and wish them both the best with all my heart.

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