lali lessons in advertising #6: be skillbidextrous

for all you advertising creatives out there looking for a partner to hitch up with, i have a word to the wise. find yourself someone who is skillbidextrous. that means they can swing it as either a copywriter OR art director as needed. my partner, lauren smith, not only did her job by writing like 10 scripts in the last 12 hours. she also did MY job for me today.

we learned on monday that our 360 launch was going to the almost-highest level clients wednesday (tomorrow), and we needed a storyboard for our TV spot…immediately. when i ended up stuck in traffic at 11pm on the 405 last night, la did me a solid and briefed the intern to do my image search for me. fast forward to this morning, when i was stuck in traffic AGAIN on the 405 for 1.5 hours and she printed all the reference images and briefed the illustrator (partially in french), then proceeded to check in with him periodically throughout the day.

for those of you who don’t work in advertising, copywriters are not expected to pull images, brief illustrators, or make sure your storyboards are ready to present to the client. you know you’ve found “the one” when her skills overlap your skills and you can truly work as one!

grosses bisses to la!


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  1. li

    this just in: the charitable intern (or, youngblood, as they’re actually called) who did our image search is actually a copywriter too… the skillbidextrousness abounds here at chiat day!

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